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The Lake

At the end of the 150-long tunnel, there is a lake created by a dam completed in 1931. The lake is 200 metres long, 10 to 50 metres wide and 1 to 8 metres deep. It is used as a depository for the irrigation of Kolymbia region.

It is the only place in Rhodes where visitors can enjoy a swim in fresh water, cool natural springs and a beautiful forest around the lake. Those wishing to visit the dam and the cascade must turn left as they exit the tunnel.Fixed Rate

The Tunnel

The water of the springs and river Loutanis is channeled into a tunnel through which it is led to the lake. On the way… The tunnel was constructed by Italian constructors and local workers and was completed in 1931. Its construction, as that of all public works in the area, began in the 1920’s.

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