Valley of the Butterflies

The Valley of Butterflies (in Greek ‘’Petaloudes’’) is a natural reserve in the northern part of the island. It is as idyllic as it sounds, and it is worth a visit. It has been one of the most famous attractions on the island for decades. This earthly habitat offers an enchanting landscape, dense vegetation, stunning wooden bridges, cobblestone paths, small ponds, never-ending waterfalls, peaceful atmosphere, and an overall extraordinary experience for its visitors.

This is a unique place as there is a natural forest of Liquidambar Orientalis trees(Oriental Sweetgum) or ‘’Zitia’’ in Greek, which makes it one of the only biotopes hosting these trees in Europe. It is here where you will have the chance to meet the lovely butterfly species named Panaxia Quadripunctaria!

A dreamy trail for everyone

This enchanting location, with its peaceful sounds, offers you the opportunity to wander through the blossoming forest and listen to the chirping of the cicadas and birds or the splash of the flowing waters on rocks as well as the humming of the entire habitat. It attracts a lot of visitors, but the area is vast and everyone is mostly quiet, so as not to disturb the butterflies from their sleep-rest. So, enjoy the splendid landscape with your loved ones, connect with the earthly elements and envisage this walk as meditation, free from all your worries.

The trees here are centuries old as is the Pelekanos river which flows through the valley and even creates some springs and waterfalls. Along the length of the bank, the Zitia trees provide shade to its visitors as well as the perfect camouflage for the butterflies. It is said that the aromatic resin that the Zitia trees emit is what attracts the butterflies to this biotope every year. Let this place create a sense of awe and peace within you!

More details please visit https://butterfliesrhodes.gr/about-the-valley/


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