Kallithea Springs are situated in the Municipality of Rhodes, 9 km from the city of Rhodes. The doors to the springs opened on July 1st 2007, after years of renovating the magnificent seaside Monument. This unique combination of nature, architecture and history offers visitors the opportunity to relish in a special experience. Following years of desolation and abandonment, the Municipality of Kallithea and Mayor Ioannis Iatridis undertook the important task of the Monument’s restoration in 1999. After ten years of struggling, nevertheless with love, care and passion, the Kallithea Springs reopened to the public, regaining their former glory.

Kallithea Springs are a remarkable and representative example of architecture integrated in their natural environment, while being built to human scale.

Enjoy the exquisite architecture, crystal-clear waters, the recreation area (cafeteria), and the picturesque bay with its unique natural beauty.

Kallithea Experience

Spend your days and nights by the tropical beach and dive in the translucent waters of the sea. Relax while drinking a cocktail and savor the delicious flavors from the in-house cafeteria!

Organize your ideal event, whether it is a reception, a formal dinner party or simply a gathering in a captivating setting!

Dreaming of marrying your partner in an enchanting and serene place? Experience your most memorable day next to luscious gardens and alluring views!

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