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    Tour at Kallithea Springs

    Kallithea Springs are situated in the Municipality of Rhodes, 9 km from the city of Rhodes. The doors to the springs opened on July 1st 2007, after years of renovating the magnificent seaside Monument. This unique combination of nature, architecture and history offers visitors the opportunity to relish in a special experience. Following years of desolation and abandonment, the Municipality […]

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    Valley of the Butterflies The Valley of Butterflies (in Greek ‘’Petaloudes’’) is a natural reserve in the northern part of the island. It is as idyllic as it sounds, and it is worth a visit. It has been one of the most famous attractions on the island for decades. This earthly habitat offers an enchanting landscape, dense vegetation, stunning wooden […]

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    7 Springs Tour

    The Lake At the end of the 150-long tunnel, there is a lake created by a dam completed in 1931. The lake is 200 metres long, 10 to 50 metres wide and 1 to 8 metres deep. It is used as a depository for the irrigation of Kolymbia region. It is the only place in Rhodes where visitors can enjoy […]

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    Monolithos Village Tour

    History The first historical reports about our village begin in 1850 by archaeologists who were looking for the ancient site of Kameiros in our area. In 1912, after the departure of the Turks and the arrival of the Italians, the Monolithians together with villagers from other regions sign a decree to the Great Powers requesting Union with Mother Greece. In […]